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Popular Curriculum for Homeschool Families


Memoria Press provides a full package homeschool curriculum from a Christian Classical educational perspective through 10th grade. Latin is a primary focus for Memoria Press. Elementary math uses Rod and Staff curriculum (see Rod and Staff section for more information). Click on image above or button below for website.

Rod and Staff

Rod & Staff Publishers provide curriculum from an Anabaptist, Mennonite perspective. While their English and Math curriculum are thorough and rigorous, it ends at the 10th grade. Some who use their English curriculum extend the 9th and 10th grade books for two years each, or use dual credit community college for the 11th and 12th grades. Other courses will have to be taught using other curriculum or using dual credit options.  The curriculum can be bought through Milestone Books. Click on the button below for website.


Saxon Math is a popular curriculum for homeschool families for math. While it is a Christian curriculum, it can more easily be used by non-Christians than some other curriculums. It uses an incremental approach that continually provides problems from previous sections so as to encourage retention from those sections as the student moves forward in the curriculum. This curriculum continues through Calculus. Click on image above or button below for website.


Secular, online, interactive, animated, complete curriculum for all grade levels. Covers most main subjects. Reasonably priced. Math less in-depth than many students need for good grasp on concepts. Animation can feel too adolescent for some upper grade level students. Lacks human feedback, but does provide grades with explanations on incorrect answers.  Ability to re-do assignments. Good curriculum for those new to homeschooling, to supplement other homeschool curriculum, or times when in need of short term convenient resource. Click the image above or button below for website.


Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) uses 12 workbooks per subject for each grade.  Students can easily use one or all subjects and be in different grade levels for different subjects.  Science provides curriculum through High School physics. Math provides curriculum through Algebra II and Trigonometry.  Can easily mix and match this curriculum for some subjects while using other curriculum for others. Click on the image or button below for website.

Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum

This curriculum focuses on writing and critical thinking, allowing students to be primarily self-taught from upper elementary grades onward. There is a requirement to start a website and essays are to be posted. The curriculum comes from the perspective of "liberty" and the non-aggression principle.

From the website:  "No student who gets through this curriculum will ever need to be nagged to get through college, graduate school, or a career. This curriculum teaches self-discipline. This is a crucial personal habit." Click the image above or button below for website.